Rules and Regulations


  • Be on time. On task & prepared to learn everyday #no free day.
  • Student may affect the classes regularly. If a student not comes to school till the attendance time then he/she will be counted absent that day. An application is required mentioning why a student is absent in order for the absence to be excused. Please send in application/doctors notes when your child is absent. please include full name, date and teacher's name on the application.
  • Attendance in tests in compulsory.
  • Every student should carry his/her school diary to school each day. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students and your self. #Be Nice.
  • Your dress should be neat and clean daily. Complete your work neatly and on time.
  • The school is not responsible for loss of articles. It is Advisable not to bring valuable articles(like expensive watches, calculators etc.) to school.